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Dam removal, tree farm biggest part of dispute   
Herald and News letter to the editor 11/7/10 by Jerry Pappe, Sprague River
   I do believe that the closeness of the margin on Ballot Measure 18-80 is because of the deceptive way it was written.
   As I previously wrote, a “yes” meant “no,” and a “no” meant “yes.” If that isn’t deceptive, I sure don’t know what else to call it.
   Becky Hyde, a Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement proponent, and the commissioners rejected the claim that it was written that way to sway votes. Wrong.
   Commissioner Al Switzer commented in Wednesday’s paper that, “There’s no doubt this is very divisive in our community, and we need to bring the community back together, but I don’t know how.” Mr. Commissioner, take dam removal and the Mazama Tree Farm out of the KBRA proposal and you have removed 75 percent of the conflict.
   It’s not rocket science.
   Jerry Pappe
   Sprague River
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