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Elliott, Scronce seek government intrusion
Herald and News Letter to the Editor May 8, 2010
   In America today, a serious debate rages concerning the legitimate   role of government. Currently a crowd of politicians who consider themselves the ideological descendants of the Progressive Movement controls government.
   They champion the idea that it is time to evolve past Americaís old ways of doing things. They feel the traditions, forms, and style of American governance and society should break out of the mold provided by the Constitution and they are using the entire power of government to force change down the throats of the majority. Continued silence from the majority will assure the destruction of our local economy and communities.
   Our founders expressly stated that they believed humanity has been endowed by the creator with rights that are inalienable, meaning they are humanityís by virtue of existence. Man has not earned these rights, God has given them, and since government hasnít given them, government cannot legitimately take them away. This is why the only real protection of freedom comes from limited government   .
   John Elliott and Karl Scronce have shown their support for increasing government intrusion into the lives and welfare of citizens of Klamath County.
   They are willing to support progressive policies such as dam removal, land idling, and dependence on government handouts.
   These things do not go away when you ignore them; they only get worse. We must resist the temptation they have given into, namely seeking security through government, and rather seek security from government.
   We have to step up to the fight right now. Vote with true conservatives who support Dennis Linthicum for Klamath County Commissioner, Position No. 2, and Bill Garrard for State Representative, District 56.  
   Lillie Goodson
   Fort Klamath
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