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Fish over farmlands? It shouldn’t happen   
Herald and News Letter to the Editor by Kevin Fure, Klamath Falls 11/19/10
   Instead of printing the same Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement problems every day, I suggest you print parts of an article from the April National Geographic.


   It tells how a sardine-sized fish (delta smelt) brought the town of Mendota, which was labeled “the cantaloupe center of the world,” to its knees.


   This town west of Fresno raised over 50 different crops to feed people and now depends on food drives as its unemployment rate hits 40 percent.


   I urge people who think farmers don’t need water to take a trip down and see firsthand what happens to a community that favors fish. This oncerich quarter-million acres of farmland is now mainly tumbleweeds.


   Are we a lot smarter than that? Exactly what I thought before a bird shut down almost all of our   timber industry.


   Anyway, our suckers will be just fine once the Tribes get the Mazama Tree Farm. I should also be fine, I think.


   I have money invested in some kind of a plan, which I forgot how I signed up for, but the payments are easy and come on my monthly electric bill.


   It has something to do with tearing down dams that produce emission-free energy. I have made nothing yet, but I’m sure this will be big because I know there are thousands of dams in the United States alone and not a lot of them are being torn down like they want to do here.


   Let’s hope nobody catches on to our great plan. I also read your column by Dr. Gott and wanted to ask him if there is any treatment, pills or herbs that bring back common sense once people lose it. Is there hope?
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