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Government, tribes to get their wishes from agreement

Herald and News letter to the editor by Bruce Wirth, Klamath Falls 2/14/10
    I must congratulate you on your Feb. 7 issue.

    Your long and single-minded campaign for the water settlement has probably paid off, as it seems that the majority want to give the Indians, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Oregon Water Resources Department, the “Endangered Species Actors,” the many and varied environmental organizations, etc., etc., all of their desires.

    Oh, with the exception of the Link River properties, but that can come once the Link River Dam is removed and the wonderful traditional fishing for the salmon runs returns.

    Then to keep up the “restoration,” with the flooding of the Lower Klamath Lake and the Tulelake Basin and with returning those lands to the Modoc Tribe for a homeland and place for their own casino, Klamath Falls can dry up and blow away.

    Oh, I forgot, the Department of Environmental Quality can get rid of our few remaining industries and those vile people who burn wood for heating and or cooking can be driven out of the country.

    Oh, happy days are a comin‘.
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