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In Siskiyou, we have no more to give
By Terry Brown, Siskiyou Daily News Letter to the Editor August 5, 2010
Yreka, Calif. — Here within Siskiyou County, the federal government is trying to remove our water rights and property rights for the sake of the Endangered Species Act and now a national monument. This will destroy what is left of our livelihoods.

There have been rumors of statements to our sheriff’s department that government agents will be inspecting our private properties and issuing fines or jail sentences to property owners for any violation they can dream up over our irrigation or run-off systems – or anything else they see against their wishes.

Your government also wants to remove our dams, which were built by the Bureau of Reclamation as public property and included free power for hot water within the city of Yreka. These dams were to be operated and maintained by Copco Power Company. The free hot water was not removed until Pacific Power bought out Copco Power.

Also by removing these dams, the Klamath River will be no more than a creek from mid-July through mid-November. During prime fire season there will be no water to dip; our forests will burn out of control.

There will be no fall salmon run; there will be no water. Check your history, 1890s and back. Then, without hydro-power – the largest producing environmentally safe power there is – your power bills will rise.

And now a national monument from Iron Gate to Happy Camp – more government control.

Ranchers have been told they will be allowed to stay on their own property. They will not be allowed to run livestock on that land or use any creek or river water to irrigate said land.
When you buy property within California, that purchase includes the water and mineral rights to that property, unless there is a written exclusion in your deed.

We the people of Siskiyou County will not go along with these government intrusions or even allow them.

Government has been destroying Siskiyou County’s livelihoods heavily since the Bill Clinton time. We the people have no more to give. Don’t you wish you would have helped the loggers with the spotted owl a little more?

See you at the “Protect Our Water Rally” Aug. 28 at 5 p.m. in the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds!

Terry Brown, owner of Terry’s Nursery just north of Yreka, is active in the State of Jefferson movement and Second Amendment issues
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