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Dennis Linthicum, Klamath County Commissioner Candidate, response to Herald and News "distorted 'factual' account", 10/23/10

KBC NOTE: Herald and News reported on Front Page headlines that Klamath County Commissioner candidate Dennis Linthicum supports participating in the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (below). Linthicum said (above), "It is shameful that the Herald & News presented this distorted 'factual' account without regard for the original intent of my answers."

Hi all,

I've received tons of phone calls regarding today's Herald and News article. So, let me be clear:
Dennis Linthicum recommends :
Vote YES on 18-80

In my opinion we ought to discontinue the supporting the entanglements  encompassed within KBRA/KHSA documents.  Additionally, I recommend a slowing of the implementation process, regardless of whether 18-80 passes or fails, and regardless of whether I am elected to Klamath County Commissioner Position #2.


Voting YES will send a clear message to our new Senate,
our Congress, our Oregon Legislature
and our State's new Governor.

The measure is a non-binding advisory measure.
It DOES NOT bind our County to non-participation.

It is purposefully worded to confuse voters.

I believe participation in the KBRA/KHSA, as written,
will be destructive to our local agricultural,
industrial, commercial and residential interests.

What you see in the Herald and News is exactly why our Constitutional Republic is in danger. Our Republic is in danger because of the constant liberal attack on conservative ideas, via the mass media's ability to spread half-truths. These half-truths aren't lies, but they aren't the full truth, either. This insidious behavior distorts understanding and creates confusion.

For example, our US Constitution is continually subjected to liberal re-interpretation. Yet, our understanding should be bound to what the Founder's original intent was. This would require a thorough reading and honest regard for their original ideas and writing's. Yet, the "news" can only provide summarized sound-bites between commercial breaks.

The question becomes, why did one specific phrase get reported, but not the other ten equally valid points?  What's the motivation? Just honest reporting?

In the same way, my words have been twisted to alter the focus and context of my interview. If you have ever listen to me answer these questions, my intentions cannot be misunderstood. I am opposed to the KBRA/KHSA. I support Siskiyou County's stance on NOT signing these agreements. Yet, somehow Siskiyou is still involved. Imagine that...  Unfortunately, for us, we will need to undo, what our Commissioner's have done.

Apparently, it is only in this summarized format of the "newspaper" that my words can get parsed and quoted beyond recognition. It is shameful that the Herald & News presented this distorted 'factual' account without regard for the original intent of my answers.

In closing, I thank you for your support.


PS - I can't wait for Nov. 2nd... It will be good to clean house!
Elect Dennis Linthicum 

Klamath County Commissioner Position No. 2

Thank you for your Support!

Friends for Dennis Linthicum

4819 Villa Drive  -  Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Cell: 541.892.6513

Candidates: Stay in KBRA talks 

Linthicum, Oakes say county should participate even if voters approve measure

By JOEL ASCHBRENNER, Herald and News 10/22/10

    The two candidates for Klamath County commissioner said they would continue to participate in Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement talks even if voters indicate they want the county to stop.

  Ballot Measure 18-80 asks voters if they think Klamath County should discontinue participation in the KBRA. The Nov. 2 vote is advisory, meaning it gauges public opinion, but it is not legally binding.

  The KBRA advocates removal of four dams and aims to resolve water disputes and stabilize power rates for irrigators in the Klamath River Basin. It also provides funding for habitat restoration and would help the Klamath Tribes purchase 90,000 acres of timberland in northern Klamath County.

  Democrat Kirk Oakes and Republican Dennis Linthicum both said during a roundtable discussion at the Herald and News last week that the county should continue to participate, regardless of the vote.     


  Linthicum, who said he opposes the KBRA as it is written but thinks some type of water settlement is needed, said he wished 18-80 asked if the county should discontinue “compliant participation.” He added he would stay involved in KBRA discussions because it will affect Klamath County residents even if the county does not participate.

  “I think it is paramount that Klamath County stay involved,” he said.

  Oakes said he would not have put Measure 18-80 on the ballot, as the current Board of Commissioners did in August, because the initiative was pushed on the commissioners by a “small group of people who were disgruntled and had a personal axe to grind.”

  He said he would stay involved in the KBRA so he could represent his constituents in the discussions.

  “(The measure’s) primary purpose, as it stands right now, is to prohibit the Klamath County commissioners from sitting at the head of the table and doing the representative work of the people they were elected to do, and that is asinine at its best,” said Oakes, who supports the KBRA.

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