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Measure doesnít ask the right questions
Herald and News Letter to the Editor October 14, 2010 by John Turner, Klamath Falls
      Referencing the Oct. 3 description of the measure that asks whether Klamath County should discontinue its participation in the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement:
   What an utterly foolish measure. Of course Klamath County should participate in the KBRA. The only question is what the commissioners should support while dealing with the KBRA. This is what the measure should have asked.
   This would have been accomplished by two simple questions (measures), both answered with simple yes/no answers.


   The first question: Do you support the KBRA?
   The second question: Do you support dam removal? Or better yet do you support the removal of the J.C. Boyle Dam?  
   Now these are not legally binding, but they sure would give the commissioners guidance on what the voters of Klamath County really feel.


   I, for the life of me, cannot understand why a couple of simple questions could not have been added to the ballot. Is it that the commissioners didnít really want to know what the voters think? I really donít know. All I know is that Measure 18-80 doesnít help one bit.
   Yes, Iím against the removal of the J.C. Boyle Dam since it generates half the power (clean, green power) on the Klamath River, has a working fish ladder, doesnít heat the water, and has a fish screen. But Iím against the wording of Measure 18-80 because it does not allow me to find out if Iím in a minority or a majority.
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