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 Oppose dam destruction, ‘dumbing down’ of USA

Herald and News letter to editor by Homer Meeds, Jacksonville 2/28/10   

Why are we, the people of the area, allowing those I consider as being “social terrorists” to destroy our dams, thereby destroying our electric energy production and irrigation for food-producing farmers and ranchers, and destroying the recreation facilities for our people of the area and for our children to be, now and in the future?

   Why should we bow down to these, I feel, “terrorists” and allow the destruction of which makes our area a great area to live in?

   Ranchers, farmers, grange members and everyone opposed to destroying our dams should oppose the “dumbing down” of America by opposing the “destructionists,” who care not about the burdens and increased costs they bring upon the people of the area.

   The money used to destroy our dams should be used instead to improve our dams, if they need improvement.

   Homer Meeds, Jacksonville  

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