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Removal of Klamath dams would be a swindle

Herald and News Letter to the Editor February 12, 2010 by Danny Hull, Klamath Falls
    A 2007 cost estimate for installing adequate new fish passage facilities in Iron Gate, Copco II, Copco I, and, possibly J.C. Boyle Klamath River dams was $300 million.

    Payment very likely may be per: A small long-term PacifiCorp electricity selling price increase; Pacific Power’s “Blue Sky” voluntary donations; the U.S.A. Endangered Species Act of 1973 “(a) FINDINGS — The Congress finds and declares that — (5) encouraging the states and other interested parties, through federal financial assistance and a system of incentives, to develop and maintain conservation programs, which meet national and international standards, is a key to meeting the nation’s international commitments and to better safeguarding, for the benefit of all citizens, the nation’s heritage in fish, wildlife, and plants.”

    Each dam is readily accessible to new fishway installation because: Iron Gate has an easily alterable, long, wide north end spillway; Copco II is “only 33 feet high” and has a long, shallow riverbed front approach; Copco I has easily modifiable, outside of the dam’s east end, a diversion tunnel, 356 feet by 16 feet by 18 feet, with an original 2 feet/100 feet grade. J.C. Boyle already has an adequate fish ladder.

    In-river deep downtube flow feeds for some of the dams’ turbine feed tubes and/or a Klamath “A Canal”-type fish screen for dams’ feed flume may be necessary to help direct downriver fish traffic through the dams’ fishways.

    A near future decades’ removal of any of the dams, per and in consequence of only the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and fishways absence, is a swindle against humanity’s best welfare and environmental health.

                 Motives for the swindle are: Discrediting of the Endangered Species Act; promotion of fossil fuel combustion-powered electricity generation; financial transaction incurred per both dam removal and electricity generation system substitution for removed dams.

    Danny Hull

    Klamath Falls
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