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KBRA should have been put on the ballot

Herald and News Letter to the Editor May 12, 2010, by Larry Mitchell, Dairy
Why do backdoor liberals like Commissioner John Elliott and associates always think that the public in Klamath County is too stupid to understand real issues like the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and they, the enlightened intellectuals, are smarter than most of us?

    I ask this question because any public agreement such as the KBRA should have been on the ballot and voted on by the citizens of Klamath County before it becomes the law of the land (or as an agreement, it won’t even have legal standing).

    The KBRA smells like week-old dead fish on a hot summer afternoon. My question is who got what for what out of this agreement?

    If I give up something important to me, I want something of greater value back. Smart people, and anyone reading this is smart, know this principle is the foundation of all economic life.

    In the case of the KBRA, the taxpayers give it all away and then get absolutely nothing of value back (except for another tax to remove the dams). Neighbors, it’s just this simple: The KBRA is stinking up the community and needs to be trashed.

    The “approvers” of the KBRA like Elliott need to be fired and the benefactors of it need to be publicly shamed for their attempted theft of our hard-earned money.

    Larry Mitchell


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