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Siskiyou’s vote against Klamath dam removal resounding

Herald and News 11/17/10 letter to editor by Louise Gliotto, Yreka

     On Nov. 2, more than 79 percent of Siskiyou County voters expressed their opinion that three California dams (Iron Gate, Copco 1 and Copco 2) on the Klamath River should not be removed.

   The resounding vote gives the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors valuable public support in its majority opposition to removal of the dams.

   Other elected and agency officials in Sacramento, Oregon and Washington, D.C., were sent a clear, strong message of the overwhelming public rejection of dam removal.

   The four supervisors who approved setting the measure for the ballot commented on the vote:

   District 3 member Michael Kobseff stated, “The successful vote against dam removal is huge! Seventy-nine percent of Siskiyou County is against dam removal.  Washington, D.C., won’t be able to ignore the voice of Siskiyou County people.”

   District 5 member and board chair Marcia Armstrong’s response is: “The no vote on Measure G affirmed that our board of supervisors has been reflecting the opinions of the people of Siskiyou County in our efforts to oppose dam removal and to protect the interest of constituents who would be negatively impacted by it.”

   Grace Bennett, District 4 member said, “This vote reaffirms my commitment to follow the voters’ decision to keep fighting against dam removal.”

   And, Jim Cook, District 1 member, stated in a message to his supporters, “With nearly 80 percent of the county voting to keep the dams, I want to thank you for all your help in convincing our folks that dam removal is a bad idea.”

   The Siskiyou County Water Users Association formed the “No on G Committee,” to educate the public and wage opposition to removal of the dams. With that stunning victory, the association will continue its efforts to keep the ongoing process open to public scrutiny.

   Louise Gliatto



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