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Stakeholder process a try at world control?
Herald and News Letter to the Editor October 17, 2010 by Rudy Hiley, Tulelake
   Yes on Measure 18-80 in Klamath County. In California, no on Measure G.
   Some of the problems with the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement are summed up in the net searchable article; “the U.N. plan for global control.”
   You will find that the stakeholder process is potentially disastrous to the republic and by no means unique to the Basin.
   An Internet look at “Pilot and Demonstration Activity: Nepal” and “Water Users 39719-KG” will show you that “water users associations” are not unique to the Klamath Basin either.
   Then search out “Agenda 21 Implementation” (followed by the name of any nation or region). It seems that change of a dangerous nature may be taking place globally, centered in the socialist concept of green sustainability.
   When you realize that the KBRA is a sustainability agreement sealed by agenda-warped science and driven by false fears of human-caused climate change, you will have good reason for concern.
   Let’s face it: If there is even a slight chance that our form of electoral government is being stealthily replaced by Soviet-styled environmentally centered councils and committees, its proponents and cooperates may owe you a bit more of an explanation than a few slogans, sound bites and, ho-hum, “it’s already a done deal” or “let’s just get along” expediency platitudes.
   Finally, take an Internet look at “Unit ed Nations Development Programme, Albania” and “Integrated Ecosystem Management, Prespa Lake.”
   That may cause a better understanding of why Greece is having so many problems: If you want to destabilize a nation, just scale down its ability to create wealth from its own natural resources — in the name of sustainability. Then spew massive gobs of borrowed government money in the confused attempt to save the economy. Chaos and weakness are sure to follow.
   What’s your future look like?
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