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Vote for Republicans and against the KBRA

Herald and News letter to the editor 10/7/10 by Wilma Heiney, Tulelake

     Vote Republican-only to change the balance of power in our overgrown government. Then we must watch our elected officials more closely. They have had too much cooperation from the public.

   Vote yes on 18-80 to save the dams. Klamath County would still have a seat of participation with the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement. Siskiyou County supervisors voted no on the KBRA and still has its seat at the table. Modoc County did not vote on KBRA.

   Our power is not affordable now and is scheduled to increase. What is an affordable rate?

   States’ rights over the control of their resource go out the window with approval of KBRA. Let’s study the proposal in open, public sunlight.  

   Our elected representatives are giving our states, California and Oregon, and private property to the federal government.

   We don’t need a lawyer to fight lawsuits that are constantly brought upon us. That’s a waste of money that we cannot afford.

   If a judge takes our water from us, that situation amounts to an eminent domain constitutional right. If we agree to KBRA, we have given our property to the federal government and we would not qualify for a “take,” only a “give.”

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