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We need more dams for future populations

Herald and News letter to the editor 1/16/10 by Harvey Houston, Klamath Falls  

     The restoration agreement may be signed, but it is far from being closed without a vote of the people and many lawsuits.

   Water is the world’s most important resource of life and should not be controlled by certain groups that want to remove dams and give away our land.

   Having the dams produces clean electricity and helps prevent flooding and preserve water. We need to have more dams for future population.

   The purpose of the dam removal is so salmon can migrate to Klamath Lake.

   Most of the lake is shallow and has an accumulation of about two to three feet of ash from Mount Mazama, top soil, fertilizer and algae from the Sprague, Williamson, Wood rivers and Harriman and Crystal creeks.  

   This is probably the richest fertilizer available and could be sold to pay for dredging the lake in sections. This would not disturb the fish or the flow of water.

   By dredging the lake, it would give more acreage for storage and have clean water and fish that would not taste like mud.

   Harvey Houston Klamath Falls  
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