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Mallams’, Whitsett’s opinions beat Scronce’s     
Herald and News Letter to the Editor by Jim Goold, Sprague River January 23, 2011
   I’m writing in response to the Karl Scronce letter Jan. 13.
   In the United States of America, we are allowed to have and speak our own ideas and opinions.
   Hay farmers and cattlemen have no subsidies. We live on what we earn.
   It is my opinion that Tom Mallams and State Sen. Doug Whitsett, along with many ranchers off the Klamath Reclamation Project, do not share Scronce’s opinion on water issues and the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement. This is not wrong. I do not consider them “hayseed positions,” as Scronce stated.
   We have given the issues careful consideration and sought the counsel of people who are also knowledgeable about water before coming to the conclusions we hold now.
   State water law and water adjudication supersedes even Scronce’s opinion.  
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