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Don’t need to be a scientist to know it’s bogus
Herald and News Letter to the Editor April 29, 2012, by Jerry Anderson, Klamath Falls
Some of our local politicians and candidates say they will not judge the science in the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/ Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement because they are not scientists.
Well, they do not need to be a scientist. The science has been done and the studies are available to anyone who cares to do a little research. The same with history.
When the science says something might be, or possibly can be achieved, or it is doubtful the goal can be achieved and the official stance is it will be achieved, that is what is referred to as “bogus” science. The science in this case is not what is “bogus,” it is how the science is used in the official account.
An example of “bogus” science would be the high lake levels for sucker. Given sucker were plentiful before Link River Dam was built and Link River Dam makes higher water levels available during the summer and fall than were possible prior to its construction, then the logical conclusion is the sucker do not need the high mandated lake levels.
When the history shows (not including uncorroborated history) that fall run chinook rarely or never made it to Upper Klamath Lake and a stated objective of dam removal is to get fall chinook past Upper Klamath Lake, that is an example of “bogus” science. Or that history shows fall Klamath River conditions as foul and salmon generally battered and inedible 30 miles above the confluence of the Trinity River before any dams were built and the “official” stance is beautiful salmon will arrive at Upper Klamath Lake with dam removal, that is “bogus” science.
The official EIR/EIS is full of such “bogus” science; hence Dr. Paul Houser, whistleblower.


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