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KBRA agenda part of the new world order

March 12, 2012  Herald and News, letter by Bob King, Klamath Falls farmer

Why are so many farmers against the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement? Could be they read it.

The KBRA does not state farmers will receive sustainable water for irrigation or reasonable electrical costs. What page, which paragraph in that long controversial document does it state anything about helping farmers?

Where are reporters getting their information? Read the document. Lawyers and lobbyists who drafted it behind closed doors claimed to represent farmers, but werenít working in our behalf. They have their own agenda. We were set up and sold out.

Donít be misled. The document is available at the library. Ask for the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement for the Sustainability of Public and Trust Resources and Affected Community.

I believe this is part of the new world order, a United Nations agenda whose aim is to destroy this great nation by taking down another of our industries. We need to get out of the U.N. It no longer serves the purpose for which it was created. It is being used against us by our enemies.

When America canít produce its own food, the UN could declare an embargo. No country would be allowed to ship food to us until we give up our guns. Then not only farmers, but we all would lose our freedom.

The Endangered Species Act has become a tool to assert control over public and private lands rather than address legitimate concerns. Fossil records make it clear extinction is part of a natural evolutionary process.

Failure to recognize this has meant wasting money on recovery programs doomed to failure. The taxpayer has been paying for all of these fish studies and dam removal studies to no avail.

Too many people have lost jobs and more will if this insanity continues. Hopefully, Congress will refuse to continue to fund this nonsense.


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