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The truth about the KBRA

by Bob King, charter board member of Klamath Bucket Brigade, and farmer in Klamath and Lake counties

Dan Keppen and Greg Addington are Implants from the federal government's agenda to depopulate rural America. They are here to destroy the farms in the Klamath basin and in that it will destroy the the economy of our community.

Does anyone remember the year 2001 when they took the water away from farms, and there were our fellow citizens standing in food lines for assistance? Well I do and it was sad and degrading to hard working families that depended on the economic base from the farmers.

In the KBRA there is not one single thing that guarantees water for the farms and it actually says it will take water from the farms. Keppen and Addington have been lying to this community all for a position in the new world order at the cost to our community and children's future. The KBRA/KHSA settlement agreement might as well been written by Hitler, Gorbachev and Stalin. Ask Keppen and Addington what page what paragraph and what line in the KBRA it promises water for the farmers and don't let them beat around the bush, hold their feet to fire. They will not show you because it's not there.



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