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Klamath Dams: Scoping report available online
By David Smith, Siskiyou Daily News September 24, 2010
Klamath River — In July, a number of public scoping meetings were held throughout the Klamath River Basin, meant to gather suggestions from the public on what should be studied as part of the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement process.

A report is now available on klamathrestoration.gov summarizing the comments received by the agencies involved in the environmental analysis as part of the decision of whether or not four dams along the Klamath River will be removed under the agreement.

The report contains numerous pages of comments received, as well as who submitted comments and who attended the scoping meetings.
The following are excerpts from the scoping report:
  • “Several commenters requested that the [Environmental Impact Study/Environmental Impact Report] evaluate alternatives that remove the dams before 2020.”
  • “Evaluate predation by sea lions and cormorants as a cause of the low salmon population in the Klamath River.”
  • “Several commenters stated that dam removal would destroy fisheries in the lakes and lake recreation.”
  • “Address how dam removal will provide an additional sediment supply for spawning.”
  • “One commentor asked what the [sic] regulatory process will be used to implement harvest restrictions when fish are introduced above Iron Gate Dam.”

Comments touch on topics of dam removal alternatives, historical sources of information, and fish and fisheries, among many others.

Those interested in reading all of the compiled comments can click on the “Public Scoping Report” link under the NEPA/CEQA Process heading.

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