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AUDIO: http://www.oregonedeals.com/podcast/?p=episode&name=2011-10-31_10-31-11-monday-8am.mp3

The Bill Meyer Show AUDIO and a few excerpts transcribed by KBC News.

10/31/11. Gary Lake, Shasta Tribe and Darron Thornton from Klamath Off Project speak on the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, Karuk Tribal corruption, and water to be taken from the Rogue Valley in the KBRA

A few quotes by Gary Lake:

3:48 "... when I was a councilman for the Karuk Tribe the Karuk Department of Natural Resources, their employees at the time, Leaf Hillman was running that show and now is again,  the tribal council was approached and basically told that if we take the coho salmon we can turn it into the spotted owl and run the white man, the miners and the ? Shasta people off the river and steal the land and water rights..."

6:00 "...It's a depopulation effort..."

11:09 "Through the KBRA KHSA agreements, it effectively takes the Karuk ...Tribe and the Klamath Tribe, they basically get fishing rights and split 50% of the Klamath River within Shasta Territory between the two of them..." Karuks used the "...Shasta's Treaty R to get their federal recognition. And so what they're basically trying to to do socioeconomically exterminate the Shasta People through soft genocidal practices and take over the territories so that they can manage and financially gain all of the natural resources..."






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