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My Comments on the RCD Vacancy and the WaterMaster Board

Oct 24, 2011 Op-ed by PNP staff, Watermaster Service By Craig Chenoweth

Vacancy on the Scott Valley RCD

It will be very interesting to see if the Board of Supervisors even bother to ask the folks here in the valley who should replace Krum. Will it be the same old Political Cronyism? Shouldn’t we have the right to Vote for who will stand up and serve us?

One of the other great Conflicts we face is John Spencer, a current RCD board member, running for Director of the New Watermaster Service.

This is the guy, along with the rest of the RCD Board Members, that were willing to sell us out to Fish and Game. This new watermaster Board is just as suspect as those on the RCD. Most of this board is made up folks that supported the ITP. Under which, the CDFG would have the authority to regulate your head gate.

I smell a RAT[S].

I truly believe this watermaster board, under the direction of John Spencer, will sell us out as well. They will not work in the best interest of the water rights holders here in Siskiyou County.

Don’t Vote for John Spencer.

Write in Mark Baird




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