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Open Letter to the Board of Supervisors regarding the Ground Water Ordinance


This is the second attempt by the Board of Supervisors asking for public comments regarding a ground water ordinance.  The ordinance has been reformulated into, what I suspect, the Board considers a more palatable format.  Easier for the citizens to swallow because the words “advisory” and “recommend” are used a few times in the proposed Ordinance.The Ordinance states “The County has the paramount right….”  I beg your pardon but the PEOPLE have the Paramount right.  These paramount rights are referred to as “UNALIENABLE” rights in our Constitution. One of the rights GUARANTEED US IN THE BILL OF RIGHTS is for the people to be, ”secure in their property”.  Amendment 4 U.S. constitution.

This Ordinance refers to the Health, Welfare and Safety of the citizens. The Health and Welfare argument is usually used to deprive someone of their property or their liberty. The Federalist papers refer to the Constitution as the document which will protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of the citizens. We need no others.

The “Advisory Council”  has as its agenda the following items that are worthy of note.  “Advise the BOS on the status of  ground water“.  There are easier and more cost effective ways to study ground water.  Ask your Ag Commissioner to do it .  He is already familiar with the issues and can command the appropriate studies without the usual negative impacts on property owners.

“Recommend possible strategies for development of a County Ground Water Management and Protection Plan.”  Now we have gotten to the meat of the ordinance.  The Real agenda of the Ordinance, is to take and to control our property!    The county has no authority to do anything of the sort.

Water is a property right in California.

I find it very odd that the BOS is using arguments based upon the Constitution of the United States as there defense in the River Keepers lawsuit.   The constitutional protection of property concerns the Board when it is convenient, but does not concern this board when they propose measures designed to eventually give them power over the property of the citizens.

The Board of Supervisors of Siskiyou County do not have the authority to supersede the Constitution of the United States of America.  Water beneath our land is our property.  Our property is protected by the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution.

We do not want or need your Ordinance.  You serve the people. You do not have the authority to take our property or to advise us as to its use.

We the people of Siskiyou County want this board to remember our promise to you.  If you support and defend the Constitutional rights of your citizens, we will support and defend you.  If you fail to support our rights and liberties, We the People, will replace you.

Once our rights are absolutely secure, the citizens of Siskiyou County would be happy to discuss a plethora of topics regarding our collective futures and how WE choose to instruct our public servants regarding that future.

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