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Use fish ladders to get fish past Klamath dams

Herald and News Letter to the Editor May 21, 2009 by Joyce Jacobus, Chiloquin

The cheapest, wisest and best way to get fish up Klamath River is to build fish ladders. They work fine on the Columbia River.

Farmers keep their irrigation systems, the power company keeps its power plant, residents keep a recreation lake and we all store water for safety.

We are getting more people all the time and need more water. Why let it run out to the ocean when we need more water?

I feel building fish ladders would be cheaper than pumping systems for farmers, losing power plants, and taking away water storage and recreation along the river. No one can boat on a rocky riverbed.

We need to save our fresh water; not let it run to the ocean.

Joyce Jacobus, Chiloquin

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