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Try something different; dredge the lake instead


 Herald and News Letter to the Editor by Steve Souder, Klamath Falls May 28, 2010


   Sunday’s commentary by Dan Keppen has been written dozens of times by dozens of people the past 30 years. Dams and pumped storage have been discussed over and over.


   Studies costing millions upon millions have been done. One idea I have never heard or read about is to use Long Lake for mud storage and forget about a lake and a dam.


   I believe Upper Klamath Lake could be dredged cheaper and offer more longterm benefits at a lower cost to taxpayers than a dam ever could. As far as I know, all that is on the bottom of Klamath Lake is layer after layer of duck poop and silt.


   Once dredged, the muck could be the richest pasture land in the county or the stuff could be bagged and sold as the best grow mix on the planet.


   A stone retaining dam would hold the mud. The water would find its way back into the lake or at least into the ground aquifer.


   If salmon ever find their way back upstream, they would find a more friendly lake.  


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