Tuesday, April 22, 2003 – 7:00 pm – Lorella Community Hall

Important Meeting!
Learn How to Stop the 
COB Energy Plant
And protect the Bonanza Community

Catherine Van Horn, Oregon Office of Energy

Will present information on the Office of Energy Facility Siting Council and what they will consider during the siting process for People’s Energy Application to build the

COB Energy Facility in Langell Valley

This will be an informational workshop only, it is not a public hearing nor will People’s Energy be present. You will learn how to participate in the process most effectively.

Learn About the Issue:

House Bill 2689 – Rural Planning and Economic Development – Sponsored by State Rep. Bill Garrard

Dept. of Water Resources may have found that water being used from the Babson Well may have a relationship to shallower wells in the vicinity. (The well may pull resources from a different aquifer that serves agriculture and residential well users.)

Members in the Bonanza Community are organizing an effort to stop the COB Energy Plant from being sited in Langell Valley. Please get involved. We will have information on who to contact, call, write, and E-mail at the meeting.

Information: Cindy Deas 545-6985 Lyn Brock – 545-1205