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Getting It All Back
Tue Aug 3, 2004 10:00pm

on KBC's discussion forum from Ron J DeShon, our founder

Getting It All Back

My god, how could we have ever allowed the “Klamath Project” and the consequent farming to have happened !   Tell me.  Are we not responsible

It’s pretty darn obvious that the diversion of water to Klamath Basin farmers is a serious problem.  What right did they have to take God’s water and give it to these inferior upstart farmers?

My goodness, if the “farmers” would have only helped out, say with the “countries food supply”, or even raised a few decent children that were not these radical farmer types, I am sure we would could have excused them.  

If only they would have tried to live the “good life” maybe we could forgive. But no, they delve in the darkness of “Hard Work”,  “the Evil Production of Food”, and “Protection of all Species” ( endangered
or not )………  There is no forgiveness.

They are villains, they care not for those who would get fat on salmon, downstream from where their part of the river’s influence is meager.  They seem to care, not about endangered inedible suckers, as much
as the weather. And damn them that they care, that water destined for many other bountiful species in their midst, is running low. No, they only care about themselves and their own enriching environment, and of extreme work for uncertain returns. And yes, we should condemn them for wanting to pass on this  way of life, or at least it’s foundations, to their children. They should be despised.

How arrogant can they be?  Do they actually think they can continue?

Never, not in the light of us, the enlightened saviors.  Thanks Be.

Turn off the water, blow up the dams, let it be as it once was. So what if the salmon die from hot water, that is nature, right? Never mind that the wildlife imprint in the Basin is larger now than 100 years ago
…..let em die, let em die……that is nature, our nature.

As our success continues:

The river becomes as it was, those who inhabit it’s environs, leave and find their old homes.  Perhaps they will go back to some locale were there were no rivers. ( but, there may be tyrants, good ! ) Serves them right ……

Perhaps they can devolve into a sub-species that is unrelated to our intelligent line, and thus not effect our
environment. ( like the elephants don’t )  Naturally they will be subservient to us.

Perhaps … perhaps    ………  But we love you “Farmer Man”….

Oh yes, we love you  to the end ......... but if you screw up we' get all our food from China

I agree that, modern man is torn by many conflicts, and unfortunately, as in all times, the decisions are driven by those in power.  And, as in all times, if only the power rested with the farmer, all would be well. Of all tyrants in all of time, which were born a farmer?  Of all our presidents, which of the greatest were farmers.   Of all empirical environmentalists today, which grew up on the farm?   Would we have terrorism if farmers were in control?    RJD     
 I know it's been awhile but I've been here all along.
Just some thoughts






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