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Once-beautiful part of river now spoiled

May 26, 2008 Herald and News letter to the editor by Mark Jahn, Chiloquin
    Thanks to some recent gorgeous weather, we were able to take our first boat ride on the Williamson River down from the Modoc Point bridge south to the mouth of the river at Upper Klamath Lake. We knew from last season that The Nature Conservancy had begun work on future wetlands in that area.

    How many geniuses did it take to turn a once beautiful, pristine and undisturbed section of river into a virtual wasteland (wastewater)? What was once treelined is now a confusing mass of water with an underwater barbed wire fence and shallow water hazards.  If you do not know this section of navigable water, you may find yourself in trouble. Known landmarks are now gone.

    From what we understand, we are not allowed to mess with the riparian area on our own property, yet this project (?) was budgeted and allowed without a vote or even prior notice.

    Now that this destruction has taken place, wildlife, which I suppose this project was supposed to protect, has been displaced and moved up river. To this date beavers have so far chopped down and removed two of our trees and at this time are girdling a 30-foot aspen which I expect will fall soon.

    From what we have heard, similar events have also happened on the Wood River.

    If someone can enlighten us we would sure like to hear about this.

Mark Jahn, Chiloquin

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