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Pombo Takes Committee to CA
For Tribal Gaming Hearing

State Ranks at Top for Most Off-Reservation Casino Proposals in US

SACRAMENTO, CA - Chairman Richard W. Pombo (R-CA) announced the Committee on Resources will hold an oversight field hearing on off-reservation tribal gaming Mon., June 6 in the Sacramento, CA state library. The hearing, third in a series on the issue, will focus on possible effects in northern California.

Off-reservation gaming is the practice of allowing a tribe to move from its existing reservation lands to build a casino in an area sometimes hundreds of miles away from its current reservation. Pombo crafted draft legislation to heavily limit these moves, which he made available for public comment earlier this year.

"Since I released my draft bill I have received an outpouring of public comments from across the country," Pombo said. "But northern California has been the strongest voice on the issue by far. We must are going right to the source to examine this issue and hear directly from the people involved."

Although proposals for off reservation casinos are spread throughout the country, about 40 different proposals exist in California for currently landless tribes, newly restored tribal lands or basic off-reservation moves.

Nearly a dozen local witnesses will testify at next week's hearing, including local community leaders, state officials and tribal representatives in favor of and opposed to off reservation gaming.

The Committee held two other hearings this year on the issue. The full committee held its first oversight hearing on the discussion draft bill in March, while an April 27 hearing examined controversial cross-state gaming proposals, a move the Chairman's bill bans.

"We must determine the best way to preserve the integrity of tribal tribal sovereignty and allow local communities' input where it currently does not exist," Pombo said. "I want to produce a solid bill that addresses the concerns of the people who are affected most."

WHO: Full Resources Committee
WHAT: Oversight Hearing on the Effects of Off -Reservation Gaming in Northern California
WHEN: Monday, June 6 12:00 p.m.
WHERE: California State Library
Conference Room, Floor 5
Sacramento, California

Hearing is open to the public. Seating is limited.
Press is advised to arrive early.





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