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 Karuk voting on Klamath Dam removal

Feb 2, 2010 from Karuk Tribal Member James Waddell

Karuk members have never had a chance to vote on dam removal efforts or the KBRA.  Or any other “illegal” matters concerning the Klamath Dam Removal efforts.

The Karuk People of the Klamath River have not had any chance to vote on either the pile of anti-working-people Karuk law suits or the Klamath Dam Removal efforts. 

In fact, the majority of members of the Karuk People do not seem to be included in any voting!  There are over 3,400 Karuk members but the reported voting for tribal elections is controlled by the Outlaw Group and often the reported vote tally is only 400 – with their chosen one winning.  Often absentee ballots are either not mailed to the members or are ignored in their tally.  Nobody knows!

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