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All Karuk Tribal Members

Apparently there is still corruption going on within our Tribe.  Three weeks ago I sent a request to the election committee for an absentee ballot.  I have not received one.   Other Tribal members have told me this is a common practice.  Because of this and many other reasons they don't vote.  I suppose the only way to send a request is by registered mail, so the can't deny receiving it.  I hope everyone that votes doesn't make the mistake of voting for someone who has been a long time person on the council or a relative.  Three weeks ago I called to speak with Alvis Bud Johnson to ask him what he was going to do different that he has not done in previous years and he never returned my call.  I have found in my travels that many Karuk people are fed up with the way our affairs are being run, misrepresentation, nepotism, not being treated equal even though we are counted, and not letting us have a voice.  I have also found out that people are afraid to speak up if they work for the Tribe or need their assistance. We need to put a stop to this bullshit, and the only way we can do this is through voting and petitions,  so all of you that bitch should pull together and do something about it.  I myself went door to door with petitions and got 107 signatures to remove Leaf Hillman and 92 signatures to remove Arch Supper.  I did not pursue this any further because my work took me  elsewhere.  You can see by the numbers and me working by myself that it is time for a change if our Council can't follow our own Constitution and  Policies.  We the people need to act.  My vote would have been for Doug Goodwin.

Dan Effman
Email: danskity@juno.com

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