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3/13/08 by James Waddell, Karuk tribal member, and U.S. Army Veteran, about our troops

While we, the people, helped at home with making more food, machines, airplanes, ships and living with larger gardens and gas rationing... WWII...  Soldiers of the USA were getting shot up, shot at, and blasted by bombs, rockets and Kamakazi planes! 

Soldiers of the Viet Nam era, like me, were shunned, spit at, and ridiculed after their year or year and a half of blood, mud, and dead buddies!  In war, people are killed!
Now we are trying to take care of hundreds of thousands of War Veterans who went to help stop tyrants in distant places from killing hundreds of thousands of men, women and children! 
When we go get a pizza or a cold beer... eat at a fancy restaurant or complain about politics...  We need to think about the USA Veterans and Disabled American Veterans!
James A. Waddell, Band Man and Machine Gunner
As best I could learn when I was on the Korea DMZ... some 34 of our troops of the 2nd Inf div were killed in action!  1968-1969.
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