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Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
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To the people of Klamath Basin, Klamath River and interested parties.

By James A. Waddell, September 20, 2007.

Good Morning;

I hope for the best for all the Klamath Basin people. 

I am James A. Waddell, Karuk Member #447.  I am a former Council member of the originating Karuk Tribal Council c. 1971-1972.  I am disabled and unable to travel far without frequent breaks.  I am a veteran of overseas US Army.  I am a research writer, member of Outdoor Writers Association of California, an author and publisher and I have been working in history.  Please take these notes of the Klamath River for your information or you can use them as you please in the context that I am writing them.

  1. Dam Removal - Loss of power production; Large unestimated volume of reservoir sediment; Will not bring salmon to Klamath Basin.
  2. To the best of my research, Salmon did not exist in Upper Klamath River or Klamath Basin in known history; No spawning gravels above State line rapids for 14 miles; No spawning gravel in slow waters of lakes, refuges or wet lands in Klamath Basin.
  3. Algae - is from slow water rivers, mineralized springs, bird droppings of millions of birds, organic decay in marshes and wet lands; Increasing the size and number of wet lands will bring greater water evaporation and increased ingredients for algae. 
  4. Karuk Members are scattered out from Alaska to Montana, to Oregon, Idaho and to many parts of California to get jobs and make a living; As near as I can learn, there is no majority of Karuk Members supporting any so called Karuk law suits or dam removal efforts; My estimate of Karuk Members involved in Political Activities regarding anything to do with the Klamath River is less than 10% of the 3,456 members.
  5. I am a Karuk Member who does not agree with any Political Actions a group of people who proclaims themselves to be the Karuk Tribe of California.

I hope these comments will be helpful in bringing some kind of wisdom into these political manipulations.

James A. Waddell

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