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Don't be fooled
 Pioneer Press Guest Opinion 11/4/09 by Shasta Nation Tribal Council, Yreka
Dear Readers of the Pioneer Press,

In an Oct. 28, 2009 Pioneer Press article titled "Might change hearts," page 21 column 7, a group wrote of their non-profit's position on dam removal.
Shasta Nation Tribal Council is pleased to see that this non-profit group recognizes the value of said dams, all of which reside within Shasta Nation boundaries. We would however, like to point out a very important statement by this group in said letter to the Pioneer Press, "We are not speaking for any group, except ourselves."

Thus the reason for this letter.

The Shasta Nation Tribal Council has been an aggressive opponent to the dam removal efforts from the very beginning. The Shasta Nation has been invited to critical meetings, and has had vital and privy KBRA information from the beginning. We oppose dam removal and we will be an integral, as we have been from the beginning of this dam nonsense, part of the solution.

We have built trust and alliances with families, local governments and businesses going back as far as the 1800's, some being of the very first settlers that came to Siskiyou County. These relationships we value greatly and will protect at any and all cost as if they were Shasta Nation People themselves.

The Macdoel Group, currently calling themselves the "Shasta Indian Nation," is called the Macdoel Group because the Shasta Tribal Council could not keep up with this group's plethora of names. The Macdoel Group has presented themselves as the Rogue-Table Rock Tribe, the Confederated Tribes-Rogue-Table Rock & Associated Tribes, the Shasta, Upper Klamath Indians, the Confederated Bands of the Shasta & Upper Klamath River Indians and now a suspiciously close name to ours, the "Shasta Indian Nation."

Do not be fooled. This group is NOT the Shasta Nation.

Dear Readers, please be advised that the bona-fide Shasta Council is that of the Shasta Nation, Chairman Roy Hall, Jr., also Pioneer Press "Man of the Year."

Chairman Hall can be reached at (530) 468-2387.
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