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Don't participate in the Shasta or Scott ITP or EIR
By Craig Chenoweth, Etna, Guest Opinion, Pioneer Press 1/14/09
Don't participate in the ITP and throw the EIR out the window. CDFG doesn't have the authority to implement the ITP or the EIR without your consent. They call this a voluntary program. What it means is that you are voluntarily giving your water rights away. You will never get them back. They are hoping to be sued, get in front of a liberal judge to get our rights diminished. Remember, CDFG is part of our state government. They are using our tax monies to regulate our water rights away. Only you can let that happen!

have the highest regard for the environment that we live in. I'm an organic beef producer. Not because I think organics is the only way to go, but because I feel it's best for my quality of life. If my neighbor isn't, that's ok. What I want to see here is profitable farming. Profitable sustainable farming will maintain open space. If you subdivide the land and cross fence the heck out of it you will destroy the open space we have. There are some here who can only see it that way; they are like vultures on the fence. What CDFG wants is to control water on private land, then they will be able to control the land use and your property values will go down. If they control the water you'll only be able to plant the crops they determine will use as little water as possible. You can forget alfalfa. They are not concerned whether or not you can make a living.  When you do decide to take food off your table and put it on theirs? Do you realize the amount of staff they will need to police this action? Every bit of the ITP and EIR demands more monies for that staff. It is only through our paying them for our water rights that they'll be able to do this.
Our own county government recognizes the importance of regulating outside government interference.

Siskiyou County Code - Title 10 Planning and Zoning, Chapter 12. County Participation in State and Federal Agencies Land Transactions, Sec. 10-12.01 Findings states:

"(b) In order to protect the customs, culture, economy, resources, and environment of the County of Siskiyou, it is critical that federal and state agencies recognize and address the effects of any actions proposed within the County which may affect matters, including, but not limited to, economic growth, public health, safety and welfare, land use, the environment, conservation of natural resources, such as timber, water fish, wildlife, mineral resources, agriculture, grazing, and recreational opportunities.

What is in front of us is the most important decision we have to make. It is no less important than the economy or politics. It is about our historic rights. Read the "United States Bill of Rights."

Our own founders thought to be of ultimate importance.

"Should I keep back my options at such a time, through Fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven which I revere above all earthly kings." - Patrick Henry

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." - Thomas Jefferson

Folks, it's that important! Stand up and speak up. Don't be intimidated. This is our country, our state and our county.

Don't participate with the ITP and the EIR!

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