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Scott Valley farmers under new attack

By Liz Bowen June 28, 2010

Siskiyou County is under attack by a new lawsuit that could affect Water Rights of those who legally use water from wells to irrigate fields in Scott Valley.

The lawsuit claims that Scott River is depleted — see accompanying photo of Scott River taken on June 26, 2010 — but it is full of water.  And irrigating is in full swing, which is not lowering the Scott's water volume.

< Photo is by Liz Bowen and more like it can be found in a June 26 post on the pienpolitics website.

This lawsuit is full of lies.

The lawsuit is demanding permits for ground water pumping.  But that water is a legal Water Right, so if a landowner opts to obtain a PERMIT, he or she will be destroying their use of their Water Right.

To learn how to protect your ground water and your Water Right,
attend the Protect Our Water - Scott Valley meeting on
Wed. June 30, 2010 at 7 p.m.
at the Masonic Hall on Etna's Main Street.
The lawsuit was filed against the County of Siskiyou and the State of California on June 23, 2010. 
Glen Spain, a leader of the Enviro group called Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Assoc. and in reality does not represent true fishermen, spewed outrageous rhetoric throughout the lawsuit. 
To see the lawsuit HERE
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