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 SOSS says, "get involved"

By Liz Bowen, Rancher editor, Pioneer Press, Fort Jones, California, 6/2/05

YREKA, Calif. Issues and frustrations regarding the Shasta Valley Incidental Take Permit were aired at the May 9, 2005 Save Our Shasta and Scott Valleys and Towns (SOSS) coalition meeting.

According to SOSS, the most important thing that a landowner can do is to get a copy of the Coho Salmon Incidental Take Permit -- and read it. The permit, which allows for accidental deaths of an Endangered Species, can be obtained in draft document form or on a CD from the two Resource Conservation Districts.

The Shasta Valley RCD has been meeting with California Fish and Game officials to create coverage for basic agriculture practices in Shasta Valley.

Likewise, the Siskiyou RCD in Etna has been drafting a permit that will fit needs of irrigators in Scott Valley.

Signing on to the permit is voluntary, but Fish and Game officials are saying that each individual landowner will need to meet the regulations that will be imposed to aid the coho salmon, now that coho is listed with the California Endangered Species Act.

SOSS leader, Jim Wilson, told a group of 80 landowners at the meeting that it is imperative for each individual to read the draft permit.

"You have got to get involved," he said, "this is your permit."

SOSS will hold fundraising activities

A raffle for a Polaris Magnum 330 4x4 four-wheeler from Erika Extreme is kicking off the summer 2005 fundraising season for SOSS. It has been donated by American accredit, SY-Auto Supply, Souse Erg Service and United Country Marble Mt. Properties. Tickets are available at the above business offices.

The winning ticket will be drawn during the SOSS Dinner Auction on Oct. 1. It will be held at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds.

SOSS is also accepting items to be donated for the dinner-auction. Call Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Hayden at 530-598-5336.





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