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Letter on the Bundy Ranch facebook page: Hammonds and the BLM bullies

emailed to KBC News 1/6/16

"I came to Burns Oregon to find out the truth...Now, im just laying here alone in my room taking in all I've learned ..what I can tell you is the media like we all have come to expect is lying...from my view anyway....as far back as 100miles where ever I ask...who ever I ask...all support the Hammond's and the Patriots !! as of yet I have not found a single soul that live in fear of the Patriots nor think the Hammond's guilty of anything...not a single one...but I did find that fear the media speak of so fast in regard to good men just trying to save our Nation...but that fear was not found against Patriots....I had Americans ...right here on American soil ..telling me of their support for the Bundy brothers and the Patriots that stand with them....in hushed voices...fearful that someone from the BLM might hear...wrap that around your minds people....a whole town bullied by the BLM! behold reality ! right here in the good ole USA...Americans speaking in hushed tones in public places...afraid of who in our gov of power might see...how did we allow this? how did we let it fall so far."

Tim Davis



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