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Letter disgusting
by Shaun Baghott-Salmon posted to KBC 12/13/04
Herald and News letter to the editor

In reply to the Nov. 17 letter "Why did they die?", I am very upset. That letter absolutely disgusted me.

Obviously the writer has no idea how this country was founded, and did not pay attention in school.

How can the writer (Frank Farnworth) say that the people who died, died for nothing?

This country was founded by people who dared to dream of a free country, where you could think for yourself and have your own opinion. He wouldn't even have had the right to make the ridiculous statements he did, if veterans hadn't died "needlessly."

These American men and women who have died in wars gave their lives bravely and with honor.

I had a grandfather, Ken Baghott, whose life was not as long as it could have been had he not had shrapnel that was stuck in his heart because he was shot down as a fighter pilot in World War II.

I would have liked to have known him a little better before he died, but I am proud that I had a grandfather who gave a part of his own life fighting for people, even like this person who wrote the letter. So this is how he shows his appreciation? By writing a letter to the editor that spits on the lives of all American soldiers who gave their lives? Wow, what a "great" American and an even better patriot.

This person has no idea what Veterans Day is about. It is about the remembrance of lost ones and ones who died.

It is a great day for honoring the people who served and died in the services. You don't demean the ones trying to help show that honor. All his letter was, was constant diatribe of mean and hateful things against the good people who work hard to try to make Veterans Day an honorable day of remembrance.

The writer of this letter shouldn't take for granted what he has been given by the ones who died in wars fighting for his freedom and everyone else's in this wonderful country.

Shaun Baghott-Salmon

Klamath Falls






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