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Friends, we thought we saw it all when Steven & Virginia Pearcy hanged a U.S. soldier in effigy from their home by a noose - the helmet stuffed with an American flag crumbled into a ball.

Now we've seen the pictures from an anti-war protest in Portland, Oregon where anti-war activists burned not only the American flag, but also burned an American soldier in effigy.

Here's the horrific picture:


This is what we're up against with the anti-war crowd - they truly engage in some of the most despicable actions.

We can't let them prevail in the fight for hearts and minds in America.

That's why we've been fighting back so hard with our multi-front advertising campaign that articulates to the American people that:  SURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION.

We have a new magazine and newspaper ad that we've already started running, featuring a fallen hero, Captain Derek Argel.  You can view that print ad - HERE.

And we also have our new television ad, "The Choice is Clear" that is provocative and straightforward:  We win in Iraq or face the terrorists in America.  You can view that TV ad - HERE.

Now I am asking each one of you to help us raise the money to get these messages seen and heard by millions of Americans.

Please make as generous of a contribution as you can afford.  This campaign will only be a success if thousands upon thousands of you step forward and contribute.


You can also mail in your contribution to:

Move America Forward
ATTN: No Surrender Ad Campaign
P.O. Box 1497
Sacramento, CA 95812

P.S.  I would be extremely grateful if you were to ask a friend or relative to join you in making a contribution.  Just send them this link:



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