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GOP's transition leader says common sense 'an endangered species' in D.C.

By Michael O'Brien - 11/13/10
Republicans are working to make sure the House of Representatives functions better than ever, the leader of the GOP's effort to transition into power said Saturday.

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), incoming Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) pick to lead the Republican transition into the majority in the House, outlined the reform the GOP would look to undertake.
"For too long, Washington has been doing whatís best for Washington, and they get away with it," Walden said in the Republican weekly radio address. "Too often, accountability counts for nothing, and transparency for even less, and common sense -- well, itís an endangered species."

ďThatís why our leader, John Boehner, has pledged to run the House of Representatives differently than itís been run in the past Ė by both parties," Walden added. "And heís asked me to lead a transition effort designed to ensure our new majority will be ready to serve as the peopleís voice and implement the proposals that Americans are demanding."

Walden and his transition team kicked off meetings at the Capitol this past week to listen to suggestions for reforms and changes Republicans might make when they formally take control of the House in January.
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