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Focus should be on a full lake by April 1

Letter to the editor,Herald and News by  Klamath Basin Improvement District directors, 1/18/11


   We, the board of directors for the Klamath Basin Improvement District, forwarded a letter to the local area manager of the Bureau of Reclamation on Nov. 4 requesting the Bureau modify flows at Link River dam and have a full lake by April 1, 2011.

   We have since mailed that same letter, along with a cover letter and suggested mailing list, to more than 70 government agencies, local, state and federal representatives, irrigation districts and local farm-related business owners, asking that they use their influence in support of our efforts to fill the lake.

   With the current cost-cutting attitude in Congress, we cannot sit by and hope for federal bailout money. The 2010 year was one of the few years when all farm commodity prices were good; cattle, grain, hay, potatoes, etc. However, due to a contrived water shortage, we had neither the quantity nor quality to take full advantage.   The 30,000-plus acres that have been relegated to B and C status are particularly at risk. We need water and we need to farm. Remember, the Klamath watershed is a total Oregon resource. Nothing runs back up here from California. Our folks at the Klamath Water Users Association are working toward   the same end, but we cant put enough emphasis on having Upper Klamath Lake full by April 1, 2011. Offstream storage is a dead issue and the lake is our only storage. We ask that all of you who have not written, or otherwise contacted your rep resentatives, please do so. Return e-mail letters and phone calls indicate that we are making a difference.

Klamath Basin Improvement District directors

Barbara Ambers,
Warren Haught
Ed Bair,
John McPherson
Scott Balin,
George Rajnus
Barry Frank

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