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Klamath watershed gets more snow
March 1, 2007

(KBC NOTE: Yes, it is true that the amount of snow will determine farm water allocation. However the report does NOT state that, because of the flawed biological opinions, the more rain and snow we receive, the less water will be allowed for the farmers; it will be mandatory to take more of our stored water and aquifer and send it down the river to the ocean. If Klamath farmers pray for snow, they will be allowed less water.)

Snow has been falling in the Klamath Basin watershed this past week, and is expected to continue.

More than two feet have been registered on sensors. However, the snowpack remains at about 91 percent of average. Heavy snow was reported in the mountains yesterday (Tuesday). The amount of snow will determine how much water the Bureau of Reclamation can allocate for farm irrigation water this spring and summer.

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