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The Clean Water Act  positioned to create environmental disasters
by Bill Kennedy, Klamath & Glen County rancher 6/29/07

Bill Kennedy is on the board of directors of Klamath Water Users Association, past president of Water for Life, and member of the Klamath Farm  Bureau.

Western irrigators have taken time to foster meaningful relationships with environmental groups who are truly interested in enhancing our environment. Some of the initial meetings have been in court. Soon after which people on all sides of the issues see opportunities to make progress on the land instead of obstructing progress by judicial actions.

Today the extreme environmental groups who claim to care about clean water and healthy ecosystems have to decide if they want to continue in court or actually make a difference on the land.

The Clean Water Act is being positioned to create the perfect storm of environmental disasters. The use of the TMDL process and implementation of water quality management plans has potential to shut down our western economies. While court action may result in tremendous fundraising for the anti-irrigation advocates, the same court action will certainly be a disaster for our wildlife and our communities.

The extreme environmentalists are surely finding themselves left our of any process of collaboration. More common today are efforts by historical advisories to walk together and create action plans for healthy streams, vibrant habitat and strong economies.

Our governments need to use care and caution when they try and implement legislation like the Clean Water Act.

Bill Kennedy Western Rancher in Klamath and Glenn Counties


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