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Notice of Information Meetings, Public Hearings, Chance to Review
and Comment

Oregon’s Draft 2004 Integrated Report on Water Quality Status and 303(d) List

Notice issued: September 9, 2005

Written comments due:
October 24, 2005, Monday, 5:00 PM

Meeting and hearing dates and locations:

Salem – October 11, 2005, Tuesday
6:30 PM Information Meeting
7:30 PM Public Hearing
Salem Public Library
585 Liberty Street SE
Salem, OR 97301

Bend – October 17, 2005, Monday
3:00 PM Information Meeting
4:00 PM Public Hearing
Central Oregon Board of Realtors
2112 NE 4th Street
Bend, OR 97701

What is the Draft 2004 Integrated Report on Water Quality Status?
The federal Clean Water Act (CWA) requires DEQ to assess Oregon’s water quality and prepare this report every two years. The 2004 Integrated Report combines the Section 305(b) assessment of all water bodies and the Section 303(d) list of water bodies that do not meet water quality standards and where Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) are needed.

How is the report prepared?

DEQ evaluates information and assigns an assessment category to each water body
depending on available data, water quality status, and the source of the water quality impairment.  The decision rules for reviewing data and assigning a water quality status are summarized in the Assessment Methodology for Oregon’s 2004 Integrated Report on Water Quality Status which constitutes Appendix B of the status report under OAR 340-041-0046.

What are the categories for water bodies that do not meet standards?

Water bodies that do not meet standards are water quality limited and are assigned Category 4 or Category 5 status:

• Category 4: Water is impaired or threatened but a TMDL is not needed because: a) a
TMDL is approved, b) other pollution requirements are in place, or c) the impairment
(e.g., flow or lack of flow) is not caused by a pollutant.
Read the whole Notice at the link above.



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