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Stop whining and let Whitsetts live in peace

Herald and News letter to the editor by David Warren, Klamath Falls 4/9/16

Politics gets stupider by the day, and wanting write-in candidates is no exception. It’s good Mr. Eberlein came to the defense of his life-long friend in his March 29 letter, but it appears he may be confusing friendship with leadership. After all, Mr. Switzer was voted out of office by his constituents. And who was it that was voted into his place? Interesting turn of events.

Now I, too, must come to the defense of my best friend, Carol Warren, who is my dear wife of 40 years. Mrs. Warren simply asked questions about the accusations of Switzer and Kepple, who said Linthicum and Reschke have “extreme beliefs.” Eberlein did not answer the questions, but leveled his own accusations against her.

I’d also like to say something about Doug and Gail Whitsett, who served their districts honorably for many years, and have now been thrown to the curb by too many unthinking, ungrateful people.

For years, they put up with the abuse of the liberal left in Salem. Why? Because they cared about you and me. So, we judge based on other people’s opinions, and don’t bother to ask ourselves what we’d do; then make a thousand excuses why we would do it differently.

When Linthicum and Reschke decided to run at the last minute, I believe the Whitsetts made a spur-of-the-moment decision to just step out. How many of us have done the same thing? Don’t know for sure, but their faithfulness to conservative values makes me want to give them the high road. And we must remember, anyone could have run in any election, even this one. But that was too hard.

Now all I can say is quit your whining, and let them live in peace. Let’s see if we can use some common sense and move forward in a positive direction.

David Warren



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