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Whitsett true spokesman for rural Americans

Herald and News letter to editor by Vaudine Cullins, Alturas 6/19/11

Even though Iím from California, as a conservative I admire and appreciate Sen. Doug Whitsett, a Republican from Klamath County in District 28.

His frequent, regular commentary on the back page of the Basin Business section of the Herald and News renews my faith that there are still elected officials for the survival of rural America.

His political point of view seems honest and filled with common sense.

The most recent newsletter about Senate Bill 190, the Columbia River Fair Share Act, reveals that the bill may be stalled in the Senate committee on Environment and Natural Resources and will not even be allowed to be debated.

Right now, 93 percent of the total flow of the Columbia River goes out to sea. SB 190 would double the amount Oregon farmers could divert to sixtenths of 1 percent and provide irrigation water to tens of thousands of acres.

This would create more than 16,500 jobs and add millions to the Oregon economy. People need to work. We need to make sure our farmers have the water they need to produce the food that is so easily taken for granted. Itís a national security issue. We should stop trying to save every fish and bird and quit overprotecting wolves and cougars and delist most of the species on the endangered list. This country did not become great by allowing our forests to rot and burn or by studying stuff to death. I wish Sen. Whitsett well.

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