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Stan opens his mouth - finally

Watergate or Damgate

Pioneer Press April 14, 2010
Letter to the Editor by Stan Meager, Seiad Valley

I've been fairly quiet lately and kept my opinions to myself but that has changed since Thursday at the Board of Supervisors meeting. I give them credit for a great informative meeting, I'm proud of most of them. The farce I saw at the meeting could either be called Watergate or Damgate. Our board of supervisors acted with courage and intelligence. I can't say as much for our visitors. I'll start with the representative for Fish & Game. I don't think he was in the same world with us. When he was asked questions, I believe his thought process was "duh lemme think." Fish & Game was very unimpressive to say the least. I don't think he knew what was going on. Nothing unusual about that.

The representative from PP&L did a commendable job of dancing around. I saw a two-step and a jig a couple of times, great footwork. If he had a former life, he must have been a dance instructor. I will give them credit, by the look on their faces, they sat through what they believed was a very boring meeting, they did not want to be there. I got the impression, no matter what we said, the dam removal was a done deal. They were all fine representatives of the Obama administration, it's our way or the highway. I think bribery or black mail is a great deal maker.

Now I come to our government representative, a fine example of government in action. Our board of supervisors asked many probing questions and our government in action had no idea what they were talking about. It was like coming before an activist judge who should have known the law but did not or did know but it did not fit into their agenda. I think the only law our government studied was those laws that would remove the dams and nothing else. I now see how these agencies have put our county in a no-win situation. We are damned if we do and pardon the pun, undamed if we don't. I suggest that next time we attend these meetings we bring a small bag of feathers and a small bucket of tar. With this demonstration, I think they would get the point on how we feel.

A lot was said about using the best science available. Pardon me but we just went through Climategate and saw how the best science can be manipulated or bought, did someone say there are billions involved in this? Their best science reminded me of the movie, "The Best Little Wh--- House in Texas.
The politician in there kept talking and everyone else kept saying, "What did he say?" I feel their best science would be found right down there with Climategate. They talked a lot about fish and very little about people, private property, or families. It is my observation that fish are tourists, they swim up the river, do their thing and die or leave. People are the only ones to make permanent homes, fish are only good for fish food. By the way, you can buy really tasty endangered smoked salmon dinners at Big Foot Days in Happy Camp and probably elsewhere. They make a great meal.

I am a history buff. I believe you can predict our future by studying the past and can put all the junk science aside. The word "Klamath" means "stinking river," and that is exactly what it was before the dams. The Klamath River was designated a Wild & Scenic River and received federal protection. I guess now the protection is gone, when something else crosses their agenda, and they are contemplating taking our Wild & Scenic River and turning it back into a "stinking river." Of course Washington knows best don't they? So why the big stink about dredging? At least miners/dredgers leave the river in tact and possibly better off for their presence! What will dam removal leave us?
Like I said before, I need to commend our board of supervisors. In the end it was an almost unanimous vote against the government agenda. It is too bad we could not have stood united.

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