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Senator Doug Whitsett
Oregon State Capitol
900 Court Street NE, S-302
Salem, Oregon 97301
CONTACT: Gail Whitsett
February 19, 2007 503.986.1728

Whitsett Asks for Testimony on Water Issues

A hearing for public testimony on mandatory water measurement is scheduled for 3 P.M. Wednesday, February 21st in Hearing Room HR C by the House Committee on Energy and the Environment.

House Bill 2564 would require installing and maintaining water measuring devices on all municipal, industrial, agricultural, and domestic uses of the waters of the state.

A case for this data has not yet been made. In fact, under current Water Resources Department management the data seems to have no use. However, there is substantial capitol and maintenance cost to purchase these measuring devices. There will also be considerable cost for the Oregon Water Resources Department to compile, analyze, and enforce the collection of this data.

A question that begs asking is “What is the purpose of this information and what will it ultimately be used to enforce?”

The House Committee will be holding a hearing on the same bill Monday February 19th where only invited testimony will be allowed. Invited testimony is usually structured by the committee chair to provide a forum for those who support the measure under discussion.

We strongly encourage all natural resource water users to attend the Wednesday hearing. Please plan to testify to insure that all sides of the mandatory water measuring issue are discussed.

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