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February 7, 2005       



Senator Whitsett Fights Meth and Confronts Education and Water Issues During Klamath Visit


Salem –Senator Whitsett spent the weekend in his Senate district confronting the tough issues that face rural Oregon and meeting with local leaders to develop solutions.  First on his agenda was a discussion of how to combat Oregon’s meth problem with the District Attorneys from Klamath and Lake Counties as well as representatives from the Klamath Falls Police Department, Klamath County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police. 


“The meth problem touches every aspect of life in Oregon from public safety to economic growth,” says Senator Whitsett.  “I am firmly behind legislation currently in the Senate that would provide law enforcement with the tools they need to get this plague out of our communities.”


Senator Whitsett also promoted education and childhood safety during a visit to the Klamath Family Head Start Center on Saturday.  Senator Whitsett delivered over twenty new children’s bike helmets to the center.  The helmets were a distributed to Senators by the Oregon Safe Kids Coalition.


The Senator continued the educational aspect of his visit by meeting with members of the Oregon Education Association, including teachers and school employees.  The main topic was the funding issues that confront Oregon’s education system.


“As a member of the Ways and Means sub-committee on Education, I am learning quickly that there are no easy answers to the budget issues confronting Oregon’s education system,” says Senator Whitsett. “I believe the key is for legislators and citizens to have the courage to abandon failed policies, and identify and pursue policies that will maximize efficiency and create accountability.”


The Senator also spent time on two issues of particular importance to rural Oregonians, water and agriculture.  The Senator attended an appreciation breakfast hosted by Water for Life, an organization that works to protect private water rights.  He also attended the Klamath Bull and Horse Sale which was followed by a Water for Life benefit auction.  The benefit raised nearly 25-thousand dollars that Water for Life will use to protect private water rights.


“With the two recent court victories for water users in the Klamath area there is real potential to turn the tide on the years of devastation that unwise water policies have done to our area,” says Senator Whitsett.  “While it may be difficult to pass any far-reaching legislation, I will certainly work to turn back any further attempts to strip water users of their ownership rights.”






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