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Senator Whitsett Ready to Tackle
Rural Issues


2/2/05 Salem –Senator Doug Whitsett is prepared to tackle the unique issues that confront rural Oregon as he finishes his first full month in the Oregon Senate.  With the number of important issues confronting the state, Senator Whitsett believes his first priority is to act as a defender of rural Oregon.


“My top long-term priority is to protect and promote the rural economy, lifestyle and culture of Oregon,” says Senator Whitsett.  “Our rural communities confront issues every bit as complex and diverse as the urban centers of this state.  Someone needs to speak for those people and those interests.”


Senator Whitsett has released a list of priorities that reflect his desire to defend the rights of rural Oregonians.  As a freshman senator and a member of the minority party, Senator Whitsett is pragmatic about his ability to move any major legislation.  At the same time, he believes that he will play an important role in protecting our communities from drugs and upholding the clear mandate of Measure 37.


“There is nothing I can possibly add to what has already been said about the Meth problem in Oregon.  It is literally killing our state in a hundred different ways,” says Senator Whitsett.  “I stand behind Republican legislation to stiffen penalties for meth criminals and reduce the flow of precursor chemicals.”


“As far as Measure 37 is concerned, I respect the people of Oregon for standing up and firmly asserting their property rights,” says Senator Whitsett.  “I will stand just as firm against any attempt to defy the clear mandate and plain language of Measure 37.”


The full list of Senator Whitsett’s priorities for the 73rd Legislative Session is as follows:


Long-Term Priority

  • Protect and Promote Oregon’s Rural Economy, Lifestyle and Culture


Short-Term Priorities

  • Reduce or Functionally Eliminate the effects of Meth on our Communities
  • Maintain the Integrity of Measure 37’s Plain Language
  • Reduce the Explosion of Regulatory Governance






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